Precast Roof Price In Lahore

Precast Roof Price In Lahore

One of the widely used technologies worldwide for building houses includes name of precast technology. It has effectively affected construction sector particularly long-spanned bridges and high buildings comprising of many stories. This technology offers better control as well as cost effectiveness which makes it an integral section in construction nowadays.

Reason to Choose Hanjra

All products by Hanjra are commercially produced. We have the set up & manufacturing units where quality control is ensured with easy availability and in-time products supply. Design sections of Hanjra provide solution for technical requirements. At our manufacturing unit, we ensure quality control via strict supervision which is further ensured through laboratory tests.

Why Precast Technology Is Good

Precast technology has come up with many benefits that is inspiring people to make more use of it. It allows to get lower cost houses and same applies for use in commercial and industrial projects. Precast industry is flourishing and Hanjra is playing an active role in its flourishing in Pakistan. Following reasons justify the use precast technology instead of other construction stuff:

  • Light weight
  • Economical
  • Low on the site work
  • Time saving
  • Shallow depth
  • Long spans

Hanjra Precast Roof

We, the Hanjra provide the perfect sheds for all spaces and sectors. We use ingredients of premium quality while manufacturing our roofs. Each of these roof is long lasting & secure and comes with a budget that saves your cost.

We serve all major cities of Pakistan for their precast roof and other products` needs. What makes precast made roofs a superior choice to other roof structures, include following benefits:

  • These are affordable
  • These are easy to be installed
  • These are easily movable
  • These are custom made
  • These are weather resistant

Applicability of precast roofs include those for:

  • Construction containers
  • Mosques
  • Temporary rooms
  • Control sheds

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